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Cece (Neko-chan) [userpic]
A little opinionated/truthful essay...
by Cece (Neko-chan) (foxy_baby05)
at May 23rd, 2008 (08:20 pm)

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Okay, I decided to write this while I had been watching DNA tests and this is something I'd really like to share with the group. And since I'm nice, I'll put it under a cut.

If anyone has seen “Maury” from its inception, we would know full well there are things called DNA tests. In other words, tests to find out the father, mother, or sibling of said guest on the show. Many people would rather call it “The Baby Mama Drama” and the name ironically fits. Why? Because a slight majority of men deny their children. Now, you might ask, why do they do that? I’ve actually compiled five reasons why men deny their children: dates don’t add up, the woman seeking the DNA test is a straight-up ho, the child (or children) don’t look like them, the men used protection, and the ever-popular reason…“Why should I take care of something I don’t think is mine?”. I’d suggest a snack while reading this: it CAN get long.

“Maury, the dates don’t add up” is the first reason. Now, sometimes women give birth early, but the one classic example was when a woman had come on the show wanting a DNA test from this guy. His response went something like this: “She carried that baby for eleven months. What is she, an elephant?” I know it’s harsh, but honestly… NO ONE can carry a child longer than nine and a half months. Needless to say, he wasn’t the father. The other side is “I gave birth two months early.” And the man… denies it. And finds out it’s his.

“Maury, she’s a ho. She’s like a doorknob; everyone gets a turn. I see men coming in and out of her house every day, so I know this kid ain’t mine.” Ah, the second argument. Honestly, this is one of the main reasons why men deny their kids. For example, there was a woman who had tested nine men, and that one had the classic statement for her: “Hey, good luck with ten, eleven and twelve.” Sometimes it works in the man’s favor, other times it doesn’t.

“This kid don’t look like me. It don’t have my eyes, my ears, or anything of mine.” Okay, this is the one I hear ALL THE TIME. A baby doesn’t look like anyone at a month old. Yet why do the women say that? Just so the men will be booed onstage. It’s a cheap trick, if you ask me, which then makes the women out to be liars after the truth comes out if they’re not the father. If the men are the father, though, then they have to step up. That last statement will come up later.

“Maury, I was using protection, so how could I be the father?” As we all know, protection doesn’t really work in some cases, which is the reason for many DNA tests. I hear it not very often on “Maury,” but it’s still a reason. Some men do use protection and prove they’re not the father. Other times, though, it’s about as foolproof as a lie detector test. That’s another story for a different time.

“Why should I take care of something that isn’t mine?” This is the final and also one of the main reasons a man will deny his children. Many men say this after one of the above mentioned reasons, which brings up a very valid point. It’s not like they adopt the kids and are like, “Okay, I’ll be the father.” Only about 10% of men do that. The other 90% are this reason, and it’s a good reason. Some men do not feel anything for the child or children and just decide to not do anything. No one can make someone take care of a child, even if it is theirs, especially if there is no attachment.

So, a lot of people think I’m on the man’s side, but truthfully, not a lot of people who watch the show from the audience is on his side. They believe the women, mainly because, well, it’s ratings. Some people just need to see reality for the way it is. Some men will step up and take care of their children, while others won’t even care and just tell the mother something like, “Hey, it’s your problem now.” It’s reality, pure and simple. In a perfect world, every guy will take care of their own. But it’s not, and it will never be perfect.

In closing, men will deny their kids, and usually it’s when people least expect it. The reasons are literally on TV all the time and the women sometimes never see it until they get on “Maury.” The world will never be perfect, and it will never be a bed of roses. It’s the real world, where men will deny their children for the reasons of either appearance, the woman’s indiscretions, their own reasons, or all of the above. So when you watch “Maury,” don’t believe the woman straight out. It’s just baby mama drama.

Let me know what you think.